Producer 2018: BBC Radio 2

The Raw Pearl Bailey’ presented by Morgan Freeman

Broadcast on BBC Radio 2 –  April 2nd 2018 (Easter Monday) at 10pm

A one-hour music documentary to celebrate the centenary of the birth of the Afro-American singer & actress Pearl Bailey, presented by one of her biggest fans, Morgan Freeman, who made his Broadway debut with Pearl in David Merrick’s all-black production of Hello Dolly! in 1967.

With contributions from singer Imelda May; Theatre critic John Lahr; Writer & Producer Suzanne Kay; and Black music historian Stephen Bourne.

Here is a 2 minute clip taken from the one-hour programme. 


Hayley and Morgan singing Hello Dolly together!

Gillian Reynolds on The Raw Pearl Bailey – The Sunday Times Culture Magazine : Here was a lovingly compiled tribute to a remarkable woman in the centenary of her birth…Hayley Redmond produced here, so well that I stopped sneezing.” (8th April 2018)

Radio 4’s Pick Of The Week  – LINK: Sun April 8th 2018)

John Lahr : “I listened to the show and enjoyed it enormously… A really engrossing broadcast.” 2018

Clive James: “Loved the show… I’m a bit groggy but you woke me right up with this one” 2018

Pete Atkin : “You get five stars from me.” 2018