Clive James on ‘Pete & Clive” BBC Radio 4 – November 2015: “Dear Hayley, I just now heard the show and I’m knocked out by the job you did, packing so much into the space without the strain showing. You’re very clever and I’m very grateful. I’m a laughing man that everyone calls lucky boy. Clive”

Gillian Reynolds on The Raw Pearl Bailey BBC Radio 2- The Sunday Times Culture Magazine (8th April 2018)“On the wettest, coldest, greyest Easter Monday in ages, coughing and in no mood for Brexity gloom, I turned to The Raw Pearl Bailey … Joy, as well as fun abounded. Here was a lovingly compiled tribute to a remarkable woman in the centenary of her birth…Hayley Redmond produced here, so well that I stopped sneezing.” 

Sue Clark (April 2018) – Managing Director – Sue Clark Productions:  Hayley has an enquiring mind, and often asks interesting & unusual questions,. Her tenacity is inspiring. She is very competent & professional and continues to do great work as a radio producer. I look forward to hearing more of her ideas hit the airwaves.